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David H. Wallis, MD

Family Medicine & Sports Medicine is located in Redondo Beach, CA

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Dr. David Wallis, MD

N Prospect Ave, Redondo Beach

Judy B.



Submitted 11/27/22

Most people would consider us old, 77 and 81! However, we are active skiers, mountain bikers, hikers, and pickleball players who can’t thank Dr. Wallis enough. He is very personable, a great listener and can empathize with our desire to be outdoors and still looking for a little challenge. We feel fortunate that he is a Family and Sports Doctor, who understand and cares about what we are doing, who is very thorough and knowledgeable, and who we now consider a very good friend.

It was my lucky day four years ago, having just been diagnosed with breast cancer, that I found Dr. Wallis, who was willing to squeeze this stranger into his busy schedule and do a pre op that was necessary to assist the cancer team get started immediately. Lucky me!

Has anyone been out of the country and gotten Covid? We were in a mountain ski village in Canada. My husband had comorbidity issues, so we emailed Dr. Wallis. Within one hour of us talking on the phone, he contacted the three pharmacies in the area to discover that Paxlovid was NOT to be found. Being persistent, he learned by calling a major Vancouver hospital, where there was a pharmacy that might carry it. Yes, then spent time finding out how a California doctor can make ia prescription happen. Team work. Hurray! How many doctors do you know who would spend his Sunday doing that for you. That’s our Dr. Wallis. A man of action who really cares about his patients.

Thank you Dr. Wallis

Bette P.



Submitted 11/27/22

I first walked into a doctor’s office on 5/19/2009 and met this man clad in blue jeans, a sports shirt and a ponytail who turned out to be THE DOCTOR. (Not the “White-Coated” typical physician I was accustomed to.) Yes, it was Dr. David Wallis, whose personality and medical knowledge immediately impressed me.

If you have seen the new offices, (photography, woodworking & imaginative decorating, to name a few, (mostly accomplished by the good doctor himself) you realize he is a man of many creative talents, WITH THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE AT THETOP OF HIS LIST. And not only does he serve as the team physician to a number of professional sports teams but you might say he practices what he preaches by bicycling, running in various marathons, etc. himself.

Now entering a new phase of his medical journey with concierge medicine I am privileged to be one of Dr. Wallis’ patients to be following him in his new venture.

I am now 84+ and I am hoping I won’t need to take up much of Dr. Wallis’ time (nothing personal). But it is comforting to know Dr. Wallis will be available, will properly diagnose and treat the problem or refer me to the appropriate specialist if necessary.




Submitted 11/27/22

I have been a regular patient of Dr. Wallis and his care team for almost 20 years. Choosing to stay with the same doctor for that long may speak for itself but let me add that Dr. Wallis and his team have always been very knowledgeable, caring, responsive and personable. I feel like he always views me as a “whole person,” with continuity across visits and with a holistic view of my health and welfare. He always gives thoughtful and well-considered advice in a kind but direct manner. I trust Dr. Wallis and look forward to being his patient for at least another 20 years to come!

Patrick H.



Submitted 11/17/22

After decades of being patient of large and impersonal medical practices I was introduced to Dr. Wallis’ concierge practice 4 years ago. I have become accustomed to near immediate availability of personalized care and an occasional above and beyond treatment. About six months ago, tweaked my knee getting back into bed in early morning and could not put an ounce of weight on it feeling trapped in bed unable to take myself for diagnosis. Called Dr. Wallis in the early morning and on his way to his office he made a house call. He determined no structural damage, probably inflammation of former meniscus injury. Bedrest and crutches took care of problem.




Submitted 11/14/22

Thank GOD I found Dr. Wallis. I truly believe he saved my life. For those who have a few minutes to read, I’d love to share. For those who do not, suffice it to say that I’ve been with him for over 15 years due to his commitment, diligence, and diagnostic skills – and that with the launch of Beach Cities Medicine, he will be even further enabled to deliver uncompromising, skilled and compassionate patient care. We are all the better for it. I’m excited to be part of it!

The longer story is… I first met Dr. Wallis over 15 years ago after feeling run down, with periods of low-grade fevers and chills for months. I attributed these to the confluence of stress in both my professional and personal lives – traveling for work, overseeing the care of my parents, and so on. When I finally brought my health issues to the attention of my former PCP, his treatment of multiple courses of Z-Paks offered little to no relief. It was around this time that I began to experience pain in my clavicle and was unable to raise my arm. After some delays, I was referred to an orthopaedist who did a very brief exam and series of imaging tests but failed to ascertain any cause for my pain. It occurred to me that while I was being a fierce advocate for my parents’ healthcare, I was being entirely too passive when it came to my own, so I took the initiative to seek out a new PCP. I was seeking a doctor with the rare combination of excellent diagnostic skills, the willingness and desire to take a detailed patient history, and the inquisitiveness and commitment required to solve complex challenges. I wanted the medical equivalent of Columbo.

My initial consultation with Dr. Wallis exceeded my expectations. He asked that we meet at the end of the day so he would have sufficient time to take my history and review all recent tests. He even asked me to bring my recent imaging results (the actual film, not just the radiologist’s reports) for his review. Imagine that; a doctor taking the time to plod through all the potential “evidence”. After taking my history, noting a murmur on my exam, and ordering more blood work, he called me back in. I recall the follow-up meeting vividly – there were signs of a raging infection somewhere in my body. And he suspected my heart valve as a possible root cause. Dr. Wallis acted with great urgency, involving both the care of my cardiologist (I had a history of aortic insufficiency) and an infectious disease doctor. It turned out I was suffering from bacterial endocarditis, an infection of the heart valve. It was quite possible I had been experiencing symptoms for many months. The pain in my clavicle was caused by a small piece of infection-driven vegetation flaking off and depositing in my joint. Thankfully, I did not suffer more adverse consequences such as may have occurred if these vegetations had gone to my brain or lungs. Treatment consisted of 6 weeks of daily antibiotic infusions and resulted in my making a full recovery. It was very likely I had been suffering from this infection for many months, and only the commitment, diligence, patience, and diagnostic skills of Dr. Wallis discovered the root cause of the problem and resulted in long overdue treatment.

I have long marveled at how Dr. Wallis is able to always place the needs of his patients front and center, even as medicine has become more “systematized”, even to this day. With the launch of Beach Cities Medicine, Dr. Wallis returns to his roots of dedicated, uncompromising, skilled, and compassionate patient care. We are all the better for it.

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Doctor T.



Submitted 11/07/22

My experience with Dr. Wallis & his staff has been nothing short of fantastic. I started with him about 5 years ago because my internist was retiring soon & I wanted a new doctor who knew his stuff, was a good listener, was detailed oriented & conscientious. Dr. Wallis was recommended to me by a colleague who is a healthcare professional like myself. I found Dr. Wallis to be all those things & more. I love his business model. I never put them on hold for more than a few seconds, if at all when I call his office. His staff is professional, friendly & conscientious. If they tell you they will follow through with whatever you are requesting, you can bet on it being done. If I call due to a medical problem, I promptly scheduled to be seen that day. The appointments are scheduled with enough time for Dr. Wallis to spend as long as he needs to listen to me describe my symptoms, repeat them back to me to make sure he accurately understands what I am describing, do a thorough exam, make his diagnosis, explain it to me as well as my treatment options & answers all my questions.

He follows up on your appointment with a call or email to see how you are doing after starting treatment. He makes himself available whenever there is a need for a specialist/specialist to consult with him on a diagnosis or treatment. He also takes your call if you need to speak to him after hours. I know all this from personal experience & could not be more appreciative for his & his staff services.

Polly K.



Submitted 05/13/22

I have had Dr. Wallis as my primary care physician for at least 15 years. He’s always been supportive and thorough in his care of me. He is attentive and clear about explaining what’s going on, and hasn’t pushed me towards any direction we didn’t agree was the way to go. I was nervous about the costs associated with following him to his new practice, but I’m more worried about training a new doctor 😉 I highly recommend Dr. Wallis and I’m excited to see how this new direction in medical care fits in with my healthcare needs.

Tony Y.



Submitted 12/20/21

I greatly appreciate the time Dr. Wallis takes during my appts to do his evaluation & listen to my description of my symptoms. He always recites back to me what he has heard to make sure he understands me correctly. His treatment philosophy is current & aggressive only when necessary. I am glad that he has found a new business model that will allow him to continue to take the time for each appt. that is necessary to diagnose & understand the patient’s problem while allowing him to maintain a work schedule that is healthy for him. Being a healthcare professional myself, I completely understand the challenge of balance.

Rob J.



Submitted 12/19/21

I credit Dr. Wallis with changing and perhaps saving my life about 2 1/2 years ago. I came to see him with high blood pressure and other unhealthy things and he was very direct in insisting I change my lifestyle. I followed his directives, got on the DASH Diet, exercised more, and lost 20 lbs. I’ve never looked back….my numbers all improved and I’ve enjoyed a wonderful, healthy lifestyle ever since.

William Y.



Submitted 12/17/21

Dr. Wallis’ care and treatment are excellent! While shopping for Medicare plans, I was determined to keep Dr. Wallis as my primary physician. The new plans did not meet my requirements, so I kept my current coverage. I will be very happy to join his new practice.


Dr. David Wallis, MD

N Prospect Ave, Redondo Beach
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