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Medical Services

Beach Cities Medicine

David H. Wallis, MD

Family Medicine & Sports Medicine is located in Redondo Beach, CA

Conveniently located to serve Manhattan, Hermosa, and Redondo Beach as well as Palos Verdes Peninsula

Medical services are essential for maintaining a high quality of life. Some need medical services to prevent or treat conditions, while others need these services to improve their overall health. At Beach Cities Medicine, Dr. David Wallis and his staff provide quality medical services in Redondo Beach.

Cancer Screening

Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases today, and once a person has this disease, it can get worse before showing visible symptoms. We perform cancer screenings to help detect cancer at the earliest stage possible. This will help our patients receive proper treatment before the illness progresses.

Sports Medicine

Whether playing sports as a hobby or professionally, there is always the risk of injury. We recognize the importance of proper treatment when it comes to sports injuries. Dr. Wallis provides sports medicine services not only to regular patients but also to athletes.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

At Beach Cities Medicine, Dr. Wallis and his staff provide comprehensive physical examinations as part of the medical care of their clients. The comprehensive physical exam evaluates the health of the patients and detects potential conditions so they can receive the proper treatment.

Acute Illness Care

Our acute illness care is designed to combat various illnesses in a way that is holistic and personalized. Thanks to our approach, we’re able to help our patients get back on their feet in no time.


A person’s immune system can only do so much on its own. People need vaccines to boost their immune system against a number of illnesses. We provide immunizations to our clients to ensure that their vaccinations are fully up to date.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

One out of every four deaths in the country is associated with heart disease. Because of this, it’s only fitting to minimize the risk of this health condition. Our cardiovascular risk reduction service employs various strategies to lower our clients’ chance of heart disease.

Travel Medicine

Traveling can do wonders for people. It allows them to relax, enjoy the scenery, and have fun new experiences. It also requires budget, time, and a fair amount of planning. Because of this, getting sick on vacation can be incredibly disappointing.

Our travel medicine services allow us to work with our clients as they plan their trip. We make sure that our clients are not only healthy but also equipped to deal with any conditions they may encounter during their travels.

Lifestyle Coaching

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle requires a great deal of effort. Our lifestyle coaching helps guide patients by assessing their current lifestyle, identifying issues, and improving their quality of life. This medical service encompasses sleep, exercise, nutrition, and other factors that are vital to having a healthy lifestyle.

In-House X-Rays

X-ray tests are often required when diagnosing various health conditions. Unfortunately, most x-ray tests are performed in radiology facilities. Beach Cities Medicine is now offering in-house x-rays, allowing Dr. Wallis to diagnose patients more quickly and effectively.

Emergency Services

Certain situations require emergency services. However, there are many people going to hospitals every day in need of emergency services. This makes it hard for patients to get timely medical treatment. Beach Cities Medicine works hand-in-hand with Sollis Health to ensure that our members have access to emergency services when they need them most. 

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To learn more about our medical services in Redondo Beach, visit Beach Cities Medicine. Contact us today to set up a personalized consultation with Dr. Wallis.


Dr. Wallis has been my primary care doctor for several years & he's terrific. He always takes as much time as we need to answer all my questions.


The man is an outstanding doctor and has actually saved my life twice.


Clarity and motivation. He gives advice like a coach that motivates his team to do well on the field which inspires me to do well working the program he recommends.


He is by far the most personable intelligent and valuable doctor in your entire network. Anyone who is a patient of his is extremely fortunate. I am truly blessed.


Dr. Wallis is extremely knowledgeable and experienced has great bedside manners and a delightful personality. My family is privileged to be under his medical care.


Dr. Wallis is very thorough and knowledgeable. He helped to save my life two years ago with an early diagnosis of a problem that was later confirmed as cancer. Great guy.


Dr. Wallis had seen my husband and on two different occasions had found serious medical issues missed by specialist.



Effective communication! Professional yet personable caring conversation. Excellent medical advice presented in a motivational manner to help set & attain personal health.