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Creating this practice has been deferred for almost two decades; please take a few minutes to read the story that brought me to this place and the dream driving Beach Cities Medicine. While I know that this model will not be possible for the majority of the patients I've had the privilege of serving over the last 20 years, I'm excited to be even more integrally involved in the care and lives of those who do join me on this journey. 






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David Wallis, MD, is a board-certified and fellowship-trained family and sports medicine physician who has been practicing in the South Bay area of Los Angeles for almost 20 years. He lives with his family in Hermosa Beach and has now opened his new practice at Beach Cities Medicine, located nearby in Redondo Beach.

Dr. Wallis graduated with honors magna cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a degree in biology before attending the University of California, San Diego, for medical school. While he planned to go into a surgical subspecialty, he found his greatest "emotional paycheck" came from getting to know his patients over time and helping them with a wide variety of ailments. He completed his residency and internship in family medicine at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center, followed by a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine. 

Professionally, Dr. Wallis has been fortunate to work with amazing colleagues and patients. He has worked with athletes on the recreational, collegiate, and professional levels, including serving as a team physician for the Los Angeles Dodgers, the LA Galaxy, Chivas USA, the US National Soccer Team, the Ontario Reign hockey team, All-American Heavyweights Boxing, and others. 

Dr. Wallis has also worked as an expert reviewer for the Medical Board of California and consulted for pharmaceutical companies. He has published over a dozen academic journal articles and book chapters on a wide variety of topics and served as a peer reviewer for academic medical journals as well. 

Personally, Dr. Wallis is even more blessed. He and his wife of over 25 years have four healthy kids. He loves the outdoors and staying active, and has completed several marathons including Boston, several triathlons including five Ironman's, and competed in other endurance adventures such as Paris-Brest-Paris.  He tries to “practice what he preaches”, however is also the first to admit he's only human and recognize that we all need to give ourselves grace in our shortcomings. He currently offers a variety of services including: cancer screenings, immunizations for travel, physical exams, and sports medicine, and non-surgical orthopedics. 

Whether working in a massive stadium or an intimate office, treating world-class athletes or the elderly in their last days, making a house visit to a bed-bound patient or visiting them in the hospital, the doctor-patient relationship has been something Dr. Wallis has cherished as he has built his career in volume-based care models. He is especially excited about the new depth of relationship and care he will be able to provide in the new context he has created at Beach Cities Medicine, with a more patient-centered model of personalized healthcare that is what both the doctor and the patient truly desire.


Why Choose Beach Cities Medicine?



Your needs are unique. From your genetics to your lifestyle, from your medical challenges to your strengths, 'Cookbook Medicine' - just isn't. We study best practices and keep up on the latest research in medicine, however the intersection of these sciences with the mind and body you inhabit is as much an art as a science and it needs to be personalized. By focusing our full attention on fewer people, we can individualize the care of each patient as we would want for our own family.


Trees in a forest are things of beauty, however phone trees almost never are. We endeavor to optimize every channel of communication the way we would want as patients ourselves. Just want to schedule an appointment? Your appointment is just a few clicks away online. Routine requests? Email works great for that. Yes, we still believe in telephones and you're free to call us anytime. And if our patients really are in a pinch, they have my cellphone number for urgent needs as well. One way or another - we've got you. 



Our practice is fully dedicated to our members. While we enjoy great relationships with our local hospitals and specialists, we answer to nobody but you. Whether it be an after hours visit or a housecall, taking the time to thoughtfully research alternatives in your treatment, or simply taking the time to explain things in a way that you understand and are empowered in your own health - we are dedicated to ensuring your optimal health at every turn.


It is a true privilege to have highly qualified, world-class experts right here in our own backyard. However, one of the unintended consequences of receiving treatment from multiple specialists is the fragmentation of care that very often comes with it. As your 'Medical Quarterback', I help advise you on choosing the plays and the players, and I take the 'time in pocket' to ensure everything comes together well without gaps in your care.



Words from our patients

  • Dr. Wallis has been my primary care doctor for several years & he's terrific. He always takes as much time as we need to answer all my questions.

  • The man is an outstanding doctor and has actually saved my life twice.

  • Clarity and motivation. He gives advice like a coach that motivates his team to do well on the field which inspires me to do well working the program he recommends.

  • He is by far the most personable intelligent and valuable doctor in your entire network. Anyone who is a patient of his is extremely fortunate. I am truly blessed.

  • Dr. Wallis is extremely knowledgeable and experienced has great bedside manners and a delightful personality. My family is privileged to be under his medical care.

  • Dr. Wallis is very thorough and knowledgeable. He helped to save my life two years ago with an early diagnosis of a problem that was later confirmed as cancer. Great guy.

  • Dr. Wallis had seen my husband and on two different occasions had found serious medical issues missed by specialist.

  • Effective communication! Professional yet personable caring conversation. Excellent medical advice presented in motivational manner to help set & attain personal health.

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