Why Dr. Wallis?

Conveniently located to serve Manhattan, Hermosa, and Redondo Beach as well as the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Board-certified and fellowship-trained Dr. David Wallis is a skilled family and sports medicine physician in Redondo Beach, CA. With over 20 years of experience behind him, he is highly regarded by patients as well as colleagues for his approach to patient evaluation, treatment, and ongoing care.

Combining academic integrity and clinical expertise with compassion and a personal relationship with his patients, Dr. Wallis is excited to provide a holistic approach to enhancing the health and lifestyle of his patients.

Dr. Wallis’s Approach to Medicine

Dr. Wallis approaches medicine with a compassionate mindset. He makes a point to get to know each patient, listening to their story and helping them to articulate their goals in health. He then uses his clinical background to assist with further evaluation of any concerns that stand in the patient’s way.

Dr. Wallis takes the time to research and to coordinate care with colleagues. He guides his patients through the medical testing and services required to help them move forward and ensure that they are receiving optimal care. Dr. Wallis and his staff prefer to go above and beyond, and they are always excited to find new ways to exceed expectations.

Spending Time with Patients

Dr. Wallis has transitioned his practice to adopt what is frequently referred to as a “concierge medicine” business model in order to give patients the time and support that they need to get the help they deserve.

Patients of Dr. Wallis enjoy optimized access to Dr. Wallis as their personal physician and have appointments that start on time but are not rushed. He and his staff take extra time to help coordinate care in our fragmented healthcare system and to ensure that patients do not “slip through the cracks.” His genuine concern and personable nature help patients feel at ease and allow a genuine relationship of care and best practices to grow over time.

Many of his patients strive to live healthy and active lifestyles, just as Dr. Wallis himself does, and he tailors his approach to healthcare accordingly. In taking the time to be thorough, compassionate, and thoughtful at each visit, combined with a well-trained staff and a great office facility, Dr. Wallis is able to deliver primary healthcare the way it should be.

Holistic Approach

Dr. Wallis takes a holistic and compassionate approach when it comes to treating patients. He and his staff believe that your physical health is far more than simply the sum total of your lab and imaging tests. They are excited to help provide for mind, body, and spirit and believe that each of these elements of a person must be in health and in balance in order to achieve truly optimal health.

Same-Day Availability

Dr. Wallis and his staff are always prompt in responding to the needs of those in their care. When patients need to see Dr. Wallis as soon as possible, he can be available for same-day or next-day appointments.

Patients at Beach Cities Medicine agree to maintain a mutually respectful communication standard with Dr. Wallis, and as such, they have access to him via email for non-urgent issues, as well as access to his cell phone during after-hours for emergencies. His responsive and excellent staff also helps to expedite requests even while Dr. Wallis is busy serving other patients, so patients don’t have to wait longer than necessary.

Medical Research

Though Dr. Wallis has a strong base of training in Family Medicine, has completed a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine, and has taken extra courses in acupuncture, mental health, radiology, and other fields, no one can know everything. There are many cases where additional research needs to be done on behalf of patients who need his help.

In cases like these, Dr. Wallis enjoys taking the opportunity to learn and stay at the top of his game. He takes the time to research further testing and treatment options for his patients, and he consults with other experts to enhance his patients’ health.

Schedule a Consultation

Potential patients can find out more information about Dr. Wallis on his website or by calling his office; additionally, Dr. Wallis offers complimentary “meet-and-greet” sessions in order to meet him personally and ensure that you are a good fit with him. Contact us to find out more about the services that he offers and why Dr. Wallis is the best option for your healthcare journey.

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