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While pharmaceuticals and immunizations can be life-saving, there is nothing more life-giving than a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the “hard science” on elements of lifestyle can be lacking or difficult to obtain. It’s hard to do placebo controlled, double blinded studies on things like stress and spirituality. And yet, paying attention to things like your sleep, exercise, nutrition, and other elements of a healthy and balanced lifestyle have been shown to have dramatic effects on the quality (and quantity) of life. Unfortunately, they’re all too easy to neglect, but David Wallis, MD and his team at Beach Cities Medicine in Redondo Beach, California will help you keep them in focus! To learn more, schedule a visit online or call the office today.

Lifestyle Coaching Q&A

What is lifestyle coaching?

We often live overscheduled, imbalanced lives, with consequences that can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression and anxiety, endocrine problems like diabetes - the list goes on and on.  The fact is that if we could put the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in a pill, it would likely sell for more than any drug in history.  The good news is that we don’t need to buy it.  The bad news is, well - it’s just not that easy.

None of us are perfect.  We all need to give ourselves and each other grace in our shortcomings, with all elements of our life.  However it’s also our privilege to help one another along the journey.  At Beach Cities Medicine, we know that we ourselves need those reminders and encouragements to help us live our best lives.  We make it a priority to encourage our patients on their own journeys as well.

Dr. Wallis completed a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine after completing his Family Medicine residency.  While he was never much of an athlete in his youth, his career in medicine and the amazing benefits of exercise on our health inspired him to start endurance sports in his thirties.  Since that time, he has completed a number of marathons including Boston, finished many triathlons including five Ironmans, and participated in ultra-endurance cycling events as well.  He admits that like any other drug, there may be such a thing as an addiction or overdose in the exercise department…. Again, we all need some grace!

Consider scheduling a visit with Dr. Wallis anytime to discuss the many essential elements of your lifestyle that are too often neglected in a typical medical visit.  The quality and quantity of your sleep.  The types of exercise that you do (or don’t) do.  The ways you manage your stress.  Your use of alcohol, caffeine, or other related habits.  How you manage your anxiety and moods, your sexual concerns, and how you’re getting along with your partner.  Even your faith and spirituality - we believe that all of these play major roles in helping you live your best life.  And we are excited to be partners with you along the way.