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Here at Beach Cities Medicine in Redondo Beach, California, David Wallis and his team are big fans of regularly scheduled comprehensive physical examinations. Whether it be identifying risk factors to optimize for cardiovascular health, cancer screening for early detection, or coaching in your lifestyle to help identify ways to do better - these are all best done in the context of a regularly scheduled visit where you are not rushed, can ask all the questions you want, and you have an expert physician who knows you personally and tailors treatments and advice to your goals. Schedule a visit online or call the office today.

Comprehensive Physical Examination Q&A

A regularly scheduled annual physical is an opportunity for a unique intersection of great things in a person’s medical care.  We take into account new developments in science and medicine, your current health status and habits, as well as your own personal goals and stage in life.  We thoroughly evaluate your health and identify risks, we identify and discuss opportunities for improvement, and we ensure excellent communication and understanding - not only of our next steps but the reasoning and motivation behind them.  We also develop a holistic follow up plan for how we will continue to walk alongside you as your medical team in the year to come.

The relationship - first and foremost, seeing a physician who takes the time to know you personally and takes interest in the many variables that affect our health - your marriage, your career, your dreams and our fears - and not just the data on a lab sheet - is critical.  Knowing patients well over the years is what has led Dr. Wallis into Family Medicine in the first place, and keeping that doctor-patient relationship at the heart of what we do is what has inspired him to establish Beach Cities Medicine.  

Early cancer detection - an annual physical is a great time to regularly and proactively evaluate risk factors and screen for malignancies before they become clinically apparent.  By staying on top of best practices and evolving research, integrating information from your personal and family history, reviewing your laboratory data, your lifestyle, your medications, and your medical conditions, we seek to detect many malignancies at the first available opportunity.

Cardiovascular risk reduction - an annual physical is also a great time to holistically evaluate the myriad of influences that can influence your risks for strokes and heart disease.  Our team will help to review your family history, your lifestyle, and your other medical conditions to identify opportunities for lowering your chance of a problem down the road - or to identify “silent” problems that may be starting already.  

Lifestyle optimization - While pharmaceuticals and immunizations can be life-saving, there is nothing more life-giving than a healthy lifestyle.  Paying attention to things like your sleep, exercise, nutrition, and other elements of a healthy and balanced lifestyle have been shown to have dramatic effects on the quality (and quantity) of life.  Unfortunately, they’re all too easy to neglect, but David Wallis, MD and his team look forward to encouraging our patients in these ways during their annual physicals.