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Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, accounting for approximately one of every four deaths in our country. Depending on your genetics, your lifestyle, and your other medical conditions, this risk may be even higher for you. Fortunately, our team at Beach Cities Medicine in Redondo Beach, California, can help. David Wallis, MD, and his experienced staff offer cardiovascular risk reduction strategies that lower your chance of heart disease and the complications associated with it. Call the office to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Q&A

What is cardiovascular risk reduction, and how do we approach it?

At Beach Cities Medicine, we believe that the best cardiovascular risk reduction starts with knowing you well.  We take the time to review your family history, your known medical conditions, look for unknown medical conditions that may be lurking beneath the surface (often referred to as “silent killers”, and to discuss elements of your lifestyle that may contribute to increased residual cardiovascular risk.  

Minimizing your risk for cardiovascular disease will involve measurement and tracking of well-established risk factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol, however even these “basic” metrics need to be custom-tailored to you based on your age and other risk factors, factoring in your personal preferences and discussing alternatives that may be considered based on most current evidence in order to achieve your goals and optimize your risks.  Guidelines are often evolving with advances in medical sciences, and we help you to stay on top of them and integrate best practices in your medical care.  

We are also believers in helping to walk alongside you in optimizing your habits that can contribute to your cardiovascular risk.  Your diet, your exercise, your sleep, your stress - how you manage each of these can have significant effects.  Many of us “know what we should do”, and yet implementing this knowledge and fine-tuning it over time is as much an art as a science.  Just as most professional athletes have coaches to help keep them on the top of their game, we believe that a top medical team to help coach you is critical in keeping your cardiovascular system at its best.

So whether you are most in need of lifestyle optimization, medication management, further testing, or more dramatic interventions - you can count on Dr. Wallis and his team at Beach Cities Medicine to help guide you and work with excellent specialists when you need them as well.  We believe in an approach to your cardiovascular health that is detailed and yet comprehensive, evidence-based and yet personalized, and that brings both years to your life and life to your years.