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Early detection of cancer is one of the great opportunities we have in medicine to really impact both the quality and quantity of life. By being proactive and systematic about our cancer screening, staying on top of best practices and evolving research, and integrating information from your personal and family history, your laboratory data, your lifestyle, your medications and medical conditions, even your genetics - this is an ever evolving field of opportunity. At Beach Cities Medicine in Redondo Beach, California, David Wallis, MD, and his expert staff work together to help keep you on track with regular examinations and proactive evaluations to screen for malignancies before they become clinically apparent. Schedule a visit online or call the office today.

Cancer Screening Q&A

How and why we focus on cancer screening:

Most malignancies have radically improved prognoses and outcomes when they are discovered and addressed early, leaving all the treatment options in our medical arsenal on the table.  Unfortunately, by the time symptoms develop, our treatment options are often limited and the odds of survival and the morbidity or side effects from the treatment are usually worse.  

While some cancer screening recommendations are fairly straightforward, many are not.  Varying panels of experts may disagree as to optimal screening guidelines, and hence the conflicting recommendations that exist in medicine.  Other cancers may only be recommended for certain populations of people, and thus may or may not be right for you as an individual. Still other malignancies may involve protocols that differ based on medications you take for other medical problems, and despite all of this, some cancers still have no recommended screening testing that has been proven to improve outcomes.

At Beach Cities Medicine, we believe that optimal cancer screening starts with taking the time to know you well.  You’re never just a chart or a number here.  The more we know you - your family and personal medical history, your coexisting medical conditions, and even your personal preferences with regards to the invasiveness of testing - the better we can advise you of the risks and benefits of various cancer screening options.  Some cancers can tip us off during a physical examination or the labs we draw with them - abnormal lung sounds, a suspicious mole, a changing blood count or serum marker.  Others can be detected early by careful attention to your symptoms - an unusual headache pattern, a change in bowel habits, unexpected weight loss. Yet others have no signs or symptoms, unfortunately, until it’s too late.  And hence we keep searching for other tools to help us in our fight against cancer.

Of course, making informed decisions on cancer screening requires not only accurate data but also having clear, understandable conversations.  We understand that this takes time, and have built our schedule and very structure at Beach Cities Medicine to be patient-centric and to ensure that our visits are never rushed.  You will not only receive a thorough history and physical exam to detect any hints of problems that may be lurking, but will also have the opportunity to discuss the potential risks and benefits of screening tests to decide what is right for you as an individual.